Audiences participate in a captivating, riveting, and emotionally stimulating multimedia presentation using visually powerful images and breathtaking video of Byron’s May 2000 Everest summit
Byron takes audiences on a stunning journey to the top of the world, with his incredi-ble story of calculated risk, commitment, and success
Byron draws parallels between the business of climbing Everest and the business of achieving personal and professional success
Byron explores themes of personal leadership, vision, goal-setting, motivation, commitment, and management
Byron shares his Five Guiding Principles of personal and professional fulfillment, showing the way to "Explore The Leader From Within”
Powerful, articulate, and inspiring, "Byron Smith: See You at the Top ™ ” is a must for any organization wanting to empower their associates, colleagues, and employees with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve any goal—personally or professionally.
Byron Smith Motivational Presentations

From his opening question Byron Smith challenges, inspires, and motivates audiences with an emotionally engaging and awe inspiring multimedia presentation.

A rare combination of husband, father, successful businessman and mountain climber, Byron tells an incredible story of risk, reward, and success as he relives with audiences his fascinating journey to the top of the world - Mount Everest.

At the heart of Byron Smith: See You at the Top™, however, is an essential and universal strategy for setting and achieving goals. Drawing clear and practical parallels between his Everest 2000 Expedition and his proven business processes, Byron offers profound insight on:

  • Personal leadership
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Goal-setting
  • Commitment
  • Motivation
  • Problem-solving
  • Risk management
  • Balancing family
  • Success in life
"The presentation ‘Byron Smith: See You at the Top’ was a tremendous account of the motiva-tional strength of Byron Smith. The presentation can inspire a desire for success in others to achieve the near impossible. I applaud Byron for his emotional and gripping presentation.”

Colin P. Outtrim, President, Outtrim Szabo Associates Ltd.

Personally and professionally, Byron Smith: See You at the Top ™ is guaranteed to inspire and motivate you to explore your own "Leader From Within”.

To have Byron Smith speak at your next corporate event and to order prints, cards, copies of his book, audiobook, and video Byron Smith: See You at the Top ™ please call 403.585.6266





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