November, 2010, Byron is made an Officer of the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation and given a new Title of Vice President of Marketing for his continued efforts with the Foundation.
September 23, 2010, Byron is released from foothills hospital, in Calgary Albert where his aneurysm healed on it's own... Happy to be alive with no Mental or Physical impediments
September 10, 2010, Byron is admitted into foothills hospital, in Calgary Albert and treated for an aneurysm in the right side of his brain.
May 29, 2008, Byron receives Nepal Golden Jubilee Medal in Kathmandu for his Mount Everest Summit on May 21, 2000.
On January 7, 2008, at 2:15 pm, Byron stands on top of Mount Vinson in Antarctica completing the Seven Summits, the highest Mountains on each Continent. This makes him the only Automotive Dealer in the World to have climbed Mount Everest and complete the Seven Summits. Visit Link
On May 21st, 2000, at 7:05 am, Byron’s triumphant statement, “ I can’t go any further… I’m on top of the world!” is broadcast live to millions of Canadians on CBC Television
June 1998, Byron begins planning, organizing, and fundraising for his own Everest Expedition scheduled for the spring of 2000
In May 1998, at age 38, Byron faces a setback 270 feet and 45 minutes from the summit of Mount Everest
At age 34, Byron pursues interest in mountain climbing; he summits hundreds of peaks in the Canadian and U.S. Rockies to prepare for his 1998 Everest climb
At age 29, Byron achieves his goal and starts Vulcan Ford Sales in Vulcan, Alberta, Canada, now in its 15th successful year of business
By age 21, Byron sets goal to own and operate automotive dealership before his 30th birthday
By age 18, Byron has set 21 provincial and regional track and field records
At age 16, Byron dreams of climbing the world’s highest peak—Mount Everest in Nepal
At age 14, Byron leaves home to play Jr "A" Hockey
Meet Byron Smith

Byron Smith’s Everest 2000 Expedition became a reality because of the passion and commitment of one man—Byron Smith.

Whether managing his businesses, playing sports, motivating and inspiring corporations, or relaxing with his family, Byron has always set high standards for himself, exemplifying success through his extremely focused and goal-oriented personality.

His business skills have turned Byron’s Ford dealership into one of the largest volume rural Ford dealership in Southern Alberta. For six years Byron Smith Ford Link and its staff received the highest honour Ford Motor Company awards: the prestigious "Presidents Award", an elite award for exceptional customer satisfaction and business accuman.

Byron has balanced his professional life and his love for climbing and the outdoors with his commitment to his son, Zach and friends.

“Byron’s driving energy and ‘success’ attitude make him stick with things, day after day, week after week, to transform goals into reality. What makes him unique, however, is his ability to balance personal ambition with family values, friendships and business commitments—a rare skill indeed”.

John Sauter, former Executive VP & Director of Marketing Kraft Canada

He has spoken to hundreds of organizations and corporations throughout Canada,the U.S.and Europe, delivering his motivational message that “you can be and do anything you want in life, if you believe in yourself and want it badly enough”. With his intense drive, focus, and determination, Byron has helped thousands of individuals to believe in themselves and make it to the top—physically, professionally, and personally.

Byron's Business Commitments:

  • Byron Smith Ford Sales: President
  • Byron Smith Inc.: President
  • Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation: Director, Vice President Marketing
  • Redwood Technologies:Director
  • Motor Dealers Assoc of Alberta:Director

  • Expedition Leader

    Award-winning Businessman

    Husband and Father

    Motivational Speaker

    To have Byron Smith speak at your next corporate event and to order copies of his book, audiobook, and video Byron Smith: See You at the Top ™ please call 403.485.6984

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