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Mount Everest

"I can't go any further, I'm on top of the world", those word's were spoken by Byron Smith from the top of Mount Everest on May 21, 2000 as he radioed down to basecamp and was relayed to millions of Canadians live on CBC Television.

Byron led and organized Everest 2000, one of the most televised Everest expeditions in history. Byron's media partner was CBC Television who transmitted live daily broadcasts from the mountain for three months. CBC also designed and facilitated the comprehensive educational website which allowed schools and people from around the world to follow along on this historic climb.

Standing on top of Everest with Byron were seven of his expedition Sherpa, world renown Ang Dorje (Chuldim) now a 12 time summiter and Lhakpa Tshering (our Sirdar) a 4 time summiter, Mingma Tenji, Karchen Dawa, Nuru Wangchu, Tenzing Dorje, and Mingma. Five of the seven Sherpa summited for the first time.

The winds were extremely strong during the ascent, with speeds approaching 80 knots per hour, most of the teams had abandoned their attempt.

During the descent from the summit, Byron and his Sherpa teammates met up with Babu Chirri Sherpa on the South Summit as he was making, at that time, his historic speed ascent, and verified his time to that point.

The logistics and resources required to carry out such a broadcasting undertaking required many Sherpa to help carry the equipment loads required to perform live broadcasts throughout the mountain.

95% of the work performed on any Mount Everest Expedition is, without a doubt, done by the Sherpa, they are the real heroes on the mountain and deserve most of the credit for anyone who summits.

Byron has given back to the Sherpa community at large by devoting time and effort in his capacity as Director of the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation. He is the Chairman and MC of the Calgary Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation Dinner Gala which raises funds for the Sherpa People of Nepal. The funds go to medical, (Kunde Hospital), Education, and resforestation projects.

  • Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation: Director

    • Mountain: Everest
    • Continent: Asia
    • Country: Nepal
    • Range: Himalaya
    • Height: 29,035 ft / 8,850 m
    • Summit Date: May 21, 2000
    • Route Climbed: SE Ridge
    • First Ascent: 1953 Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay

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